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Next Generation Medicine

The Immune System Aura

Bioimmunate Ltd. (BI) is focused on the quality of life of autoimmune disease patients. In particular, we will change the gold standard treatment approach to Multiple Sclerosis (MS) patients. BI’s ambitious goal of precision treatment will replace the MS pharmaceutical treatments that are accompanied by toxic side effects.


Improving the patient’s well-being is our mission and primary aim. Our goal is totreat MS patients 2-3 times a year, thereby enabling them to live healthy and balanced lives. Our innovative treatment paradigm is a revolutionary medical therapy.


Our management team, R&D team and Scientific Advisory Board include the highly experienced research, academic and business professionals required to build BI as a next generation immune therapeutics company that preserves a high quality of life for MS patients.

We are BI, we are Next Generation Medicine.

Proven Patent-Pending Technology

The Need

MS is an autoimmune disease that attacks myelinated axons in the central nervous system (CNS) to various degrees, causing significant physical disability. Current treatments are solely pharmacological; however, the existing medications are accompanied by severe adverse effects, do not stop disease progression, and increase the cost burden.

Our Mission

Developing and commercializing device-based solutions for autoimmune diseases, providing safer therapy without side effects and with superior cost-effectiveness.  BI’s platform technology is initially focused on Multiple Sclerosis patients.   

Replacing the Need of Pharmaceutical Treatment

The Market

MS affects 2.5 million patients, with 10,000 newly diagnosed every year in the USA alone. 33% of them face severe disabilities. Global sales of MS drugs are estimated at $19B annually. The annual healthcare cost burden of an MS patient in the USA is $60,000.

Patient Well-Being Instead of Toxic Side Effects

The Product

Brain damage in MS is caused by specific MS-related cells that migrate from the blood to the brain. BI has developed unique biological filters anchored inside special particles that are able to recognize, capture, and remove these harmful cells from the blood before they reach the CNS. BI’s technology will either stop the disease progression or prevent further damage to the CNS; this ground-breaking technology will replace the drugs currently prescribed for MS treatment. 

Improving Patients Well-Being

The Value Proposition

> Considerable improvement of patient life expectancy
and QoL. 

> Safe procedure, no side effects are expected. 

> Reduce healthcare & and reimbursement costs. Unmatched cost-effectiveness.

Developement Program began 1.12.2017
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The Patient Benefits

BI’s machines and filters will provide patients with the following benefits:

> Safe procedure.

> Convenient: expected number of treatments is 2-3 times per year.

> Supports patient wellness,

no toxic chemicals.

> Improvement of life expectancy, and ability to live a normal life.

> Reduces healthcare and insurance reimbursement costs, cost effective.ness, 

Revolutionizing the Area of Medical Therapy

Regulatory Pathway

Regulatory affairs expert assessment: 510K de-novo path is likely (FDA). FDA’s preliminary assessment: a combination product, assigned to the Center for Devices and Radiological Health (CDRH).

Experienced Research and Business Professionals

Go-To-Market Strategy

Integration kits and disposables will be produced and distributed in cooperation with and via licensing to providers of the BI machines.


BI is backed by three internationally renowned Key Opinion Leaders, who are members of the Company’s Scientific Advisory Board.

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