Dr. Sigalit Carmel, MD, Ph.D
Founder & CEO   

Dr. Carmel is an MD and holds a PhD in immunology from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. 

Dr. Carmel has served as general practitioner at the Cardiac Intensive Care Units of Sheba and Assuta Medical Centers as well as an academic lecturer at Sapir College, where she structured new academic courses focusing on biology, immunology and medical ethics. 

With a strong interdisciplinary background, Dr. Carmel founded Bioimmunate Ltd., developing an unprecedented device-based therapy for Multiple Sclerosis and other autoimmune diseases, as well as for managing the post-transplantation rejection
of solid organs.

Dr. Shimon Shteingart, Ph.D

Holds an MSc in Biochemistry (2006) and PhD in Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics from the Hebrew University since 2011. 

Since graduation, Shimon established and led a successful research lab within the institute for digestive diseases in Sha'are zedek medical center and collaborated with both academy and bio-tec companies from basic science, in-vivo to clinical trials.

During the last years he was the manager of the clinical laboratory of Pathology, managed a team of 15 lab technicians and supervised the entire technical and professional aspects of lab operation.

Shimon Has authored several papers in the fields of clinical and basic sciences and serves as an academic Lecturer for immunology and pharmacology in the JCT and the school of nursing.

Mr. Eitan Yanuv, 
VP Business Development

Has over 15 years of experience in financial consulting and business development and investment banking. Served as chairman and chief financial officer of publicly traded overseas companies. Led public company offerings on the London Stock Exchange including Brack Capital, Tech Financials, StarCom and more. He is the CEO of the firm of founding consultancy, which he founded and serves on several boards of directors of private companies and listed on the London Stock Exchange.